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Welcome to Field Guide To Modeling

Field Guide to Modeling is your entry to technical specifications and helpful articles for Discus Launched Gliders.

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Field Guide to Modeling strives to provide viewers with a fast and convenient reference system to the myriad of articles and other useful information for designing, building and flying of all types of models.

The Field Guide to Modeling staff hope that this site will simplify finding and accessing many wonderful websites and articles produced by so many people wishing to share their information and experience with you.

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Field Guide To Modeling was originally conceived in 2000 then embodied and developed into the first full contest and technical report of discus launched planes, Spieltek's 2001 IHLGF Technical Report . Find out more about our history by visiting our About Us page.

And Now for Something Really Exciting....

Check out our offerings below. If you can or would like to contribute articles or plane information, the staff would appreciate your help immensely. Please visit our article contribution pages or our Model information pages to help us. As with any major project of this undertaking, we also request your help by contributing to the funding of the maintenance and hosting of the Field Guide To Modeling by visiting our Contribution page.

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