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Find out more about Discus Launched or Hand Launch Gliders:

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New To DLG?  [KB2]  -  Unknown Abstract:  This is testing the entry of the Abstract for the article Titled "New To DLG?"  

What is HLG/SAL/DLG?  [KB4]  -  Chris Adams Abstract:  Definitions and descriptions of Hand Launched Gliders (HLG), Side-Arm Launched gliders (SAL) and Discus Launched Gliders (DLG) are presented along with the characterizations of the launch method differences. Reference to internet examples are provided.  

Choosing a DLG: A Myriad of Options  [KB5]  -  Chris Adams Abstract:  Approaches and questions on choosing a DLG to meet your DLG plane choices are provided.   

As a Helper: What to tell the Pilot  [KB9]  -  Unknown Abstract:    

What Airfoil Plots mean From a Laymans Perspective  [KB41]  -  Chris Adams Abstract:    

IHLGF 2001 Technical Report  [KB63]  -  Chris Adams Abstract:  Technical information from the IHLGF 2001 contest in Poway , California  

New Construction Materials For Gliders  [KB65]  -  Louis Joyner Abstract:    

F1D:How one gets built!  [KB66]  -  Jim Longstreth Abstract:    



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