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New Suggestions

New Suggestions

The Field Guide Staff have a number of articles in progress to provide to new pilots as well as those wishing to hone their skills. Some of these articles are listed below, however, additional suggestions are always welcome.

The Staff will also be referencing many articles that are currently offered by other websites, and through this process Viewers will be able to search and access articles written by skilled authors to further their knowledge.

The Staff hopes that Viewers will enjoy as well as contribute to our list of articles.
  • Your First Contest
  • Taking Care of Yourself at a Contest!
  • Understanding Task Strategies
  • As a Helper: What to tell the Pilot
  • The Ego and the ID: Not Everything is True
  • How To Improve Your DLG Skills
  • Tips from the 'Ole Buzzard'
  • How To Lose a Contest
  • Psychology of DLG Flying and Competition

Other Suggestions
  • Shipping boxes
  • Car Mounting/Traveling
  • DLG Field Plane Holders

New Articles
  • Understanding Composite Materials
  • So You Want to Build/Mold a Fuselage
  • Working with Epoxies
  • Bladder Molding
  • Foam Cutting: Methods

New Features
  • Competitive Flying Wing DLGs?
  • Use of Polyethylene Films

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