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Designer: Dmitry Lomovtsev
Manufacturer: Original
Wing Span: 1500 mm
Airfoil Series: AG series
Model Type: DLG
FAI Class: F3K
AMA Class: 441
Nostalgia Class: N
Release Date: 2012
Skill Level: NA
Number Made: 1
Availability: No
Lead Time: Unknown
Plans Available: UNK
Additional Versions:
Suggested List Price USD: $0.00
3-View:  Not Available

Sales Description:

Plane Specifications, Configuration and Assignments
Model Flying Weight (gm): 280-300
Plane Gallery
TBD - Under Construction
References, Links, BuildLogs
Model Description:

Wing Specs
Wing Name: Akcent
Span (mm): 1500
Planform: MultiTapered, Straight
Number of Panels: 1
Wing Area (dm2): 21
Wing AR: 10.71
Fuselage Specs
Fuselage Name: Akcent
Stab Specs
Stab Name: Akcent
Rudder Specs
Rudder Name: Akcent


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